The Neighbour

Released at: September 8, 2021 by Dirty Doctors Videos
I went to visit My neighbour Trisha, she was feeling really Pissed off The Fucking Plumber had let her down for the Third time! so she was in her Bedroom chilling out with a Vodka and Tonic, but what she needed was a stiff Cock, so I offered her something on which to take out her frustrations, my cock was already nice and hard so she wasted no time in sucking on it before I started to strip her off then I bent her over the bed and fingered her juicy cunt, after which I rammed my cock deep inside her and fucked her hard with her bent over on the bed in the doggy position, I hadnt fully stripped her off so I removed her jeans before she sucked all her pussy juice off my cock making it nice and hard again so I laid her on her back and she spread her legs wide and tickled her clit while I pounded away with my stiff cock. Then I lay back on the bed and she sucked me hard before climbing on board and riding me Cowgirl, then she turned around and started to ride me Reverse Cowgirl and she put on her Cow Girl Hat and bounced up and down on my stiff cock enjoying several orgasms, before I bent her over and fucked her doggy style thrusting my cock hard and deep in her cunt, after which I spread her gaping cunt and fingered her tight little arse hole before giving her a toy to play with and she pleasured herself with it while she sucked on my balls as I played with my cock, I was getting ready to cum so she sat up and sucked my cock which I buried deep down her throat and I shot my full load all in her mouth. The Dirty Doctor

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