The New Bench

Released at: April 25, 2014 by Girls-Boarding-School
Blondes Jane and Taylor are enjoying themselves in the shower, kissing and fondling each other's naked bodies. Their fun comes to an end when Mr. Lewis enters and angrily tells them that this sort of behavior is absolutely forbidden at GBS. He orders them to get dried and come to his office in one minute. The girls take two minutes to arrive and this seems to raise Mr. Lewis' ire even more. He shows Taylor that Jane's bottom is already red from her misbehavior yesterday, and soon Taylor's bum will match it. He asks them to move a specially made bench, made for punishment, and says they will have the honor of its first use. They are both bent over the bench and he paddles their bottoms alternately. He asks them if they think "they're clever now," and accuses them of filthy and disgusting behavior that will not be tolerated. Girls will not be familiar with each other at GBS. Do they understand him! Before he dismisses them to clean the shower room, he makes sure they know that they will not be allowed contact with each other for at least one month. Is their lesson learned?

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