The New GBS Secretary

Released at: April 29, 2014 by Girls-Boarding-School
Headmaster Tom is getting to know the new secretary for GBS. He leafs through her past jobs and is concerned because of the number of jobs she has had and is even more worried that she has been fired every time. However, her qualifications are good and she should be a good secretary, so he decides to give her a try. He asks her to make him a cup of coffee so she confidently sets off to the kitchen to make one. "Marita stop," he calls after her, "why are you not wearing shoes?" She makes some feeble excuse about being more comfortable without them and HM Tom is not at all impressed. He also takes her to task about her wearing blue jeans. He tells her that, as the secretary at GBS, she represents GBS and therefore, she should be wearing smart office clothes. He points out that if she had read the Conditions of Employment ? she should have seen that. He gives her a choice ? be fired or accept some corporal punishment. As she needs the job she chooses the punishment. Putting one foot up on the chair, he puts her over his knee and starts hand spanking her on top of her jeans. She dangles there somewhat precariously, but he has a firm hold of her. When he lets her get up, she is disappointed to hear that her punishment is not yet over. Now he tells her to take off her jacket and remove her jeans and knickers. She soon realizes that arguing with HM Tom is not a good idea. He puts her over his knee again and carries on spanking her bare bottom. When he finally releases her, he tells her the job is hers, providing she dresses appropriately.

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