The Orgasm Bar 25

Released at: November 30, 2010 by David Mack Video Productions
1. I've been waiting to have Lola Lynn back on the orgasm bar. Lola loves to fight the predicament and last time she did not have nearly the amount of orgasms that I thought she could have. Many of the improvements of the predicament is for this woman. Lola fights hard the first 30 minutes. She does not cum, but you can see her legs are tiring and she can't stay off the hitachi. 2. I enjoyed watching Lola fight the orgasm bar for 30 minutes. She dances very sexy. She also thinks she is going to beat the predicament again. Watch her eyes as I adjust her bonds, strap her neck to the pole and tighten everything. She knows there is no escape and she knows she is going to cum more times than she can stand. 3. Derek could not wait to get tied up again on the orgasm bar. Problem is, once she started working it, she couldn't cum. this clip is her grunting and fighting tying to cum but can't. Sweet. 4. Derek has loosened her bondage just from trying to cum. I tighten her, tie her wrists in front and tie her large tits tight. Now she starts cumming. Hard. I have had girls almost go out on the bar, but Derek totally passes out, slumping back hard.

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