The Reporter

Released at: September 17, 2007 by ZFX Productions
After uncovering a tape linking the Quarentino crime family to the murder of a federal judge, sexy TV reporter Regina Waters is taken by the vicious mobsters to get the tape before it airs. But Regina isn't about to tell them where the tape is, at least not till she's been bound gagged and victimized by Vinnie, Tony and his psychotic gunmall girl friend, Penny. Tied and mistreated mercilessly by the Quarentino thugs, Regina holds onto her journalist integrity, or maybe it's just her hunger for big ratings. Either way, even after her beautiful big titted body is a mass of angry red welts and whip marks, she refuses to give up the tape. But those mob guys don't give up easy, and poor Regina, the worst is yet to come. Much worse. Will Regina escape or will her broadcast career end at the bottom of the East River? Find out when you see The Reporter. You won't be sorry!

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