The Return Of Elin

Released at: March 29, 2014 by Girls-Boarding-School
It's about 2 years ago that Elin closed the door behind her, happy and relieved that her time in GBS was over. She had turned the corner successfully, from a defiant and conceited brat, to a well behaving, well educated and honorable young lady. So can you imagine Headmaster Tom's bafflement when 2 years later all of a sudden a contrite Elin popped up in his office voluntarily asking for a readmission at GBS? Well, not exactly voluntarily, but with a letter from her husband, reporting a sudden and unexpected relapse into truculence, insubordination and disobedience. Well, Elin...then back to the drawing board, welcome back and get ready for your first OTK spanking and the wooden paddle immediately after. Right now!

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