The Settlement

Released at: January 31, 2008 by RGE-Films
Do you like hiking trips? Exteriors are good background for a nice spanking story. Lupus Pictures brings you a very interesting movie, based on a real event. Of course, our popular spanking scenes, naked girls afraid of them and other attributes of spanking movies will not be omitted. The movie was shot in several environments. In the first scene, parents notice the bruises on their daughters' asses. They want to know where they got the bruises; the girls report that two strangers beat them at the trip; not that the parents would believe, but they call the police. At the police station, the real story unfolds. Four girls, two daughters and two friends, went to a hiking trip. In the beginning, it was very funny, naked girls could sunbathe at a meadow, but... Continuing their trip, as the evening is nearing, they ran out of luck. They lost there bearing, got lost and a lightning storm began. What would they do? Luckily, they found a chalet. Hiding under the porch, they wring their sodden clothes. They are damned cold! One girl has an idea and realizes it instantly. Using a pickaxe, she removes the lock and the girls enter the dark chalet. Finding food and booze inside, they get rid of the remaining clothes and start a party, chatting, drinking, and enjoying themselves. The camera switches to a ranger on his regular round, getting close to the chalet. He peeks in and wonders: what a naked party! He calls the owner. The owner arrives and both men burst in. The girls are scared. Too late, they realize that their act was in fact breaking in. The owner offers the girls a choice: he'll call the police, or they'll be lashed, they'll have to clean the mess they made, and they'll get lost. The girls consider both options - and select the lashing. Naked girls, one after another, face the owner of the chalet and present their naked butts for punishment. Hazel rod strikes shivering butts and makes red welts on them. Cries for mercy, the lashing is too painful. And the owner is relentless. Regardless of the cries, each girl gets her share and then has to kneel on the bed, to be replaced by her friend. We get back to the beginning of the story. Both sisters have to explain their bruises at the police station. The owner of the chalet is accused of several delicts. Bodily injury, constraint and whatever. However, after the investigator finds out what really happened, he dismisses the case on the grounds of already completed civil settlement. From his perspective, the girls agreed to be punished and the owner of the chalet waived his right to suit them for breaking in. However, the parents learned the truth - and the end of the movie hints that the girls' education will completely change. This movie by Lupus Pictures should not escape your attention. The lashings are well performed; you can enjoy naked girls' bodies as well. The movie is based on a real story, which brings a notion of reality. Yes, it could all have happened exactly as in the movie. And one special feature: the director of Lupus Pictures movies plays the owner of the chalet. You can see that he really has deep experience in the field.

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