The Slave

Released at: September 13, 2022 by Dirty Doctors Videos
My Slave had been very naughty so I had him chained up in my dungeon. I proceeded to chastise him by whipping him and slapping him with my paddle getting harder and harder until his cock was starting to get hard. But not too hard before I turned him round and gave him a damn good thrashing until his arse cheeks glowed bright red. When I thought he had had enough I released him and instructed him to pleasure me. He started by squeezing my tits and kissing my neck, fingering my pussy, then I bent over the love swing and my slave gave me a spanking while I sucked on his cock. Next, I turned over on to my back and my slave licked and sucked on my juicy pussy while squeezing my tits then he slid his stiff cock deep into my wet pussy and fucked me hard bringing me to orgasm.

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