The Tickle Channel 37

Released at: December 4, 2011 by David Mack Video Productions
1. Crystal plays a corporate spy that has knowledge of a break in. She is spirited away and tossed toughly into a dark room. Compelled to strip. Bound in chains and leather and tickled endlessly. 2. Crystal's tickle interrogation continues, focusing under her knees and then removing her heels and tickling her stocking covered feet. 3. Aiyana is chair tied. She hates having her nipples teased. She hates being tickled even more. That makes for one gagged and thrashing redhead. 4. Aiyana loves being teased to the edge of orgasm and kept there. This is the first part of a long tease and denial session. 5. Aiyana endures intense tease and denial, her legs tighten and rise as she gets close and I stop numerous times. She loves this kind of play and it could go on for hours.

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