The Tip Off

Released at: January 7, 2008 by California Star Productions
Jimmy the Hood runs a small time liquor import and export business, but things haven't been going well these last seven months. Jimmy has been losing one truck in five to Anthony Costello and his organization. Jimmy's problem is who's been tipping them off about his shipments. After checking all possible sources, he has come up with one suspect, Bonnie his secretary. Jimmy believes she has been selling information to Anthony Costello, but he has no proof, yet! He will have to put her through some strict questioning, so he sends Freddy the Fixer to fetch Bonnie. When Bonnie arrives, Jimmy immediately goes to work on the ropes. Tying her in several uncomfortable positions and ripping off her clothes. Jimmy demands the truth from her or he'll have "The Fixer" finish the job. Will she squeal?

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