The Webcam Incident

Released at: April 9, 2020 by MissaX
It's a snow day and Summer is a little bummed, she would rather go to school than have them give them a day off in January and add a day in June. Chad's making the most of his day off and is trying to organize a team of four for his online game. Summer hears him talk to his laptop, "who're you talking to?" Chad explains and the anonymous person in the chat asks if she is "hot?" She's not hot, she's my stepsister." Summer takes offense to Chad's comments. "I'm hot." Chad shrugs his shoulders, "she's no Pam Anderson." "You only like her because she has massive boobs. I'm hot in a different sort of way; I'm more elegant and sexy like Audrey Hepburn." Chad types away on the computer, he doesn't tell her what he's doing but moments later his phone bings to notify him. "I got it!" He thanks the anonymous man on the computer "Got what?" Summer asks. "All you've got to do is show your face and you get twenty bucks, but I get half because it was my idea to broker the deal." Summer smiles at his scheme and happily shows his face. Mr. Anonymous behind the screen is satisfied, but he types to Chad. Chad reads, "Well not sure if she'll go for that, man." "Go for what?" Summer tries to lean in towards the screen to see what her stepbrother is scheming. Chad pushes her away as he types away and makes another deal. "Ok, listen..." Chad explains that he's made another deal for her to show her breasts, but they're splitting the money. "You think you're some kind of pimp now? Or that I am some cam girl? I will not, send the money back to him." Chad remembers his stepsister has a love for designer handbags and he tells her that she could afford to buy the latest spring edition, the bag with the red satin lining, and the crystals embedded in the zipper pull. "Seriously? And this guy is not some type of creep who's going to tape this and throw it up on some porn site?" Chad asks for a moment from the chat and he closes the screen. "This is the guy who owns Oldenback Resorts, he's totally loaded. He's not going to do anything like that, he just likes you. You're not some slutty cam-girl, you're good, and you're beautiful, and just let him have his thrill and we can hit the mall later this afternoon. Sounds like more fun than being snowed in, right?" Summer nods, "well you were right about me being special. I am special, aren't I?" Chad nods his head hoping to get on with this little game. He's got big plans for his stepsister, if he can keep the money rolling in, and convince his stepsister to get undressed, he might even convince her to allow him to touch her. The idea of it makes his head race, she is a stunning girl, regardless that she can be annoying, and he would give anything to touch her. Watch the story unfold.

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