Through The Looking Glass

Released at: August 6, 2011 by Video X Pix
Playboy called it "A Landmark Movie!" Originally released in 1976, it's been re-released in perfect DVD picture format. This adaptation of Alice in Wonderland claims to be "the first motion picture that explores Supernatural Sex. With stellar performances from Vogue model Catherine Burgess and the supporting cast of Laura Nicholson,Kim Pope and Jamie Gillis , **Through the Looking Glass** is one of a handful of movies that can be considered true art. It is simply Adult Cinema at its finest! Catherine Burgess plays an ultra rich matron who escapes her boring aristocratic lifestyle when a demon resembling her father beckons her to the other side of the mirror. Her secret passions eventually lead her through the mirror into a world of carnal desire. She becomes immersed in an insane sexual hell where demons jerk off on their faces and bathe in filth. Using perverse smoothness, her father talks her out of her clothes and onto her knees in one of the most erotic hardcore scenes of any year.

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