Tianna Is Buttwoman

Released at: August 1, 2011 by Evil Angel
From the earliest days of gonzo porn comes the belated DVD debut of "Evil Angel's Buttwoman." The late kink master Bruce Seven directed the 1991 production, abetted by John "Buttman" Stagliano's pioneering concepts of ass-obsessive, interactive camera work. Shorthaired, perky blonde Tianna portrays Buttwoman, a charmingly funny pervert who stalks Malibu, California with her bulky, state-of-the-art video camcorder documenting and participating in sensuous lesbian encounters among the hottest porn chicks of the era. Gorgeous, hardbodied jogger Trixie Tyler gets chased by Buttwoman, who is seduced by the sultry redhead for an indoor anal workout. Blonde dominatrix Porsche Lynn orchestrates a butt-licking dildo session with Tianna and naturally busty, big-assed beauty Heather Hart. Bikini blondes Kathleen Gentry and Nikki Wilde enjoy the flavor of Tianna, and each other, in an orgasmic threesome. Our lusty heroine spies on brunette photographer Bionca and her slender, slutty dungeon model Summer Knight. When they discover Buttwoman trespassing, Bionca and Summer hang her upside down, playfully spank her plump ass and orally worship her feet and butthole. Lastly, Buttwoman livens things up at the Evil offices by videotaping the shapely legs and asses of staff babes Heather Lere, K.C. Williams and Missy Warner, leading to lewd group masturbation and lesbo licking. The girl-girl action is very anal and explicit (rare for its time), with lots of rimming, plus dildos, strap-ons and oiled-up bottoms getting invaded. Fans of 1980's style can revisit the cheesy-yet-erotic clothing, neon pastels and voluminous hair so trendy at the time. The lovely women are among the most alluring specimens from any decade. Tianna has good taste in ass, and this early Evil Angel classic is an elegant artifact.

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