Tickle Channel 2014 Vol. 1, The

Released at: February 5, 2014 by David Mack Video Productions
New model Sidnay Adams is chained up in my home and interrogated while I find her ticklish spots. Turns out, she is very horny and very ticklish. Sidnay Adams squirms in her tight chair bondage as her nipples are toyed with, tickled, teased, oiled and tickled with feathers. Chair bound young blond is teased to the edge of orgasm with vibrators and tickled. Her nipples are teased and she is tickled more. She begs hard, is starting to sweat and really needs to cum. Sexy young blond bound nude, spread wide and slowly tickled on her pussy and clit with stiff feathers. Soft feathers lightly dance over the stretched blonde's body. Over her pussy and clit, belly and nipples, she starts to beg to cum. The teasing is driving her crazy. Professional submissive Lil Miss Natalie is into many things, but being tickled is not one of them. She hates it. She is extremely ticklish and even the thought of her armpits being tickled make her break out in fear sweat. With her arms stretched tight over head, she is open for my exploring fingers and she is scared. Inescapably strapped in a chair, Natalie endures relentless nipple teasinga nd tickling. After she has one nipple orgasm, Natalie is gagged tight and given many more until she begs for even more intense tickling. Panty gagged and helplessly spread, Natalie can only moan as I keep her right on the edge of orgasm by tickling her pussy with a feather, stopping and running the soft spike slowly up each tight. Watch her toned thigh tremble. After nearly a full hour or tease and denial, the feather's constant dragging across this spread submissive's swollen clit has its effect and she has a massive orgasm.

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