Tickle Me Friendly

Released at: September 11, 2018 by California Star Productions
Two attractive friends love to spend their time together telling stories and acting them out. This time the story told has quite a twist to it: "Just the other night my boyfriend wanted to do something different than just have sex. I was feeling adventurous, so when he brought out some rope and wanted to tie me up, I went along with it willingly. After I was naked and tied up, he began to tickle me, talk about excitement! I couldn't believe the sensations." Her friend seemed intrigued by the idea, and when asked if she would like to try it, she surprised her friend by saying YES! The tickling began with both of them fully clothed, but it wasn't long before their cloths were strewn around the room. Being tickled in all the right places was very exciting, but the best tickling was on her feet. She screams and screams, pulling on the ropes but cannot get free - this is tickle torment at it's best!

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