Tickling Trilogy 2

Released at: June 19, 2019 by California Star Productions
College Anatomy 1 Wendy Wilks, a sexy coed, is always getting into trouble at the college, but this time she won't get off very lightly. Mr. Jennings catches her loafing off in the study hall. She is supposed to be writing an essay about the anatomy of the human body, but she is drawing silly pictures and Mr. Jennings is furious with her behavior. But being a hands on kind of teacher, he will help her with her studies, starting with some lessons on tickling. Mr. Jennings won't give up until she screams "uncle" College Anatomy 2 Wendy Wilkes was told by Mr. Jennings that if she was caught in study hall at recess she would be punished once more. Low and behold, here she is again. Maybe she wanted to get caught by Mr. Jennings. Perhaps Wendy likes to be tickled by him. Or maybe it's the bondage she likes. Whatever the reason, Mr. Jennings is a man of his word. So let the punishment begin! College Anatomy 3 Wendy Wilks tries again to pass her test and is quite happy when she turns it in to her professor. But he has his doubts, and he's right. Ten out of ten are wrong! It's back on the ropes for Wendy. Tied, tickled and teased. Will she ever learn? Does she even want to? You be the judge!

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