Tickling Vacation

Released at: January 7, 2018 by California Star Productions
Two attractive young women show us how time off is supposed to be spent. Instead of doing "the same old thing", they are determined that this vacation will be long remembered. And what better way to enjoy the hours... Our mischievous red-head friend takes control; she ties up her blonde friend and tickles her mercilessly. But the blonde has a chance to get back at her. And she takes full advantage of the opportunity. Especially since doing the tickling is almost as much fun as enduring the tickling herself. They become so involved in their antics, that when one of their "uninitiated" friends arrives, they don't even notice. Although she is no prude, the new arrival is taken by surprise by the sight of her friends, wearing only their panties and howling with laughter. It doesn't take much to persuade her to join them. Soon she has taken over the tickling and when it's her turn to be tickled, she is wet with anticipation...

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