Tickling Vol. 1-Teasing Test

Released at: February 9, 2023 by TAworship
Not everyone enjoys being teased and doesn't enjoy ~~Tickling~~. Not everyone enjoys watching folks who indulge in this particular fetish. But if this kind of thing floats your boat, then believe us when we tell you that you're in for a veritable treat thanks to the wild antics of Paris, Tony and Valentia. Believe us, this wild trio know exactly what it is that gets each other off; as they take turns to indulge their most private fantasies in the bedroom of wet dreams. From being tied up to the headboard of the bed, to being cuffed and put in stockings, this kinky threesome are determined to give the sensation of touch a distinctly erotic feel; bringing each other to one sticky climax after the next in ways that previously you might have thought impossible.

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