Time 4 Tickling

Released at: September 18, 2018 by California Star Productions
There's lots of fun and foot-tickling action in our two storylines. Our first story finds Kat and Cleo arriving at their beach house for a fun weekend. Kat, it seems, has brought the rope and wants Cleo to play a tickling game, just like they had done before. What follows are string-tight ties and tickling that leaves them breathless. They finish off in the bedroom where Kat promises to pleasure Cleo with the special toys that are found there. In our second story, a professional therapist, Jacklyn, has been helping one of her best friends Coral through a rough time. This month, however, Coral is broke and hopes that Jacklyn will give her some time out of friendship. Jacklyn suggests some tickling therapy and they proceed to an afternoon of delight! Tied to a chair, Coral's nude body is finger tickled followed by numerous tickles to the feet. Coral is so excited and happy that when she suggests that Jacklyn should now be tickled, she readily agrees. Our beautiful young ladies are having the best of days...

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