Too Big For Teens 7

Released at: August 30, 2011 by Reality Junkies
Tight-bodied babes getting stuffed and stretched! Massive cock is crammed into the very finest of slender slits! When teen Tiffany sneaks up on her friend's father in the shower, his monster man meat sneaks up into her pussy! Too bad her boyfriend wasn't around for her first anal, but Ashlynn sure won't be feeling her teen boyfriend's dick after riding Tommy's Big Gunn! Courtney's prayers came true when she got a visit from the king of cock, ready to take her virginity with his rock star cock! After fucking her best friend's boyfriend, curious Evilyn upgrades to her best friend's father and his huge member! Fed up with her mother's boyfriend, teen Melanie takes matters into her own hands... and mouth!

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