Tough Anal Experience

Released at: January 6, 2023 by Ass Teen Mouth
Everyone knows that taking cock up the ass isn't always the easiest of experiences, but done right it can definitely be one of the most satisfying a point that young Nikky Ivy and Rose have to bear in mind when confronted with a collection of big, meaty dicks that are just yearning for anal. Any hesitation on their part is quickly put to one side, however; and it's no time at all before they're both showing off their butts to encourage those handsome ramrods to do their worst. Which they very quickly do, it has to be said. Cue a terrific backdoor treat for both parties; as one dick after the next gives each of these beauties the kind of rear-entry stretching wet dreams are made of. All topped off with a plethora of jizz in all directions!

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