TPC-12: Pins, Pony & Piggyback Rides

Released at: September 9, 2011 by L. Scott Sales
An erotic fantasy tape that features three extremely attractive females who bare it all in just thongs, G-strings, suspenders, high heels and stockings. They tantalize with standing scissors, figure fours, pony and piggyback rides and an occasional pin. Stacey Lane shows her dominance over Luna in an apartment scene, both wearing no more than G-string, stockings and high heels. Stacey makes Luna carry her around on her back and shoulders. They tangle in a mini wrestling match where Stacey puts Luna in a figure four. Later, Luna and Kelly, both in just thongs, workout in the gym showing their strength with shoulder and back lifts. A short wrestling match follows with the winner being carried around the mat pony style by the loser. Luna Winter vs Stacey Lane; Kelly Blair vs Luna Winter.

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Scene1: 00:02:27 - 00:33:26 (30:59)

Scene2: 00:33:28 - 01:04:48 (31:20)