Training Day 2: Lesbian Edition

Released at: July 27, 2022 by Kinky Spa
Vanna Bardot is applying for a job at the Kinky Spa but needs to be shown the ropes by manager Jennifer White to see if she will make the cut. Jennifer starts out by showing Vanna her technique for a bit then tells Vanna she wants to see what she can do. Vanna is so worked up from Jennifer's massage she can't help herself, she dives right into Jennifer's wet pussy until she orgasms over and over. Jennifer knows she will be perfect for this job. She's Hired! Destiny is going to work for her first day at the Kinky Spa. Her new boss Mckenzie sits her down and goes over the basics but lets her know that she will be giving Destiny a massage to get a feel for the job. During her massage Destiny quickly realizes why it's called Kinky Spa when Mckenzie dives into her pussy mid-massage. Destiny is eager to show what she can do as well - she lays Mckenzie down and gives her the Massage of her life. There's nothing like a hot young girl hungry for work and pussy. Adira Allure is running late for her first day at the KinkySpa. When she finally arrives after getting chewed out by her boss, she is informed that they do more than just traditional massages here. At the KinkySpa they do whatever it takes to make the customer happy including full-service massages. Gia decides to show her exactly what she means by getting her naked and giving her a rub down with the full release package. Adira orgasms so many times she can't keep track and she is still hungry for more, Gia can tell her new employee is going to fit in perfectly if she is on time. Khloe Kapri is so excited, she is starting her first day of work at the KinkySpa and she gets a free introduction massage. When she arrives her supervisor (Bangin MILF) Kayla Paige gives her the rundown and then takes her to the next room for her massage. When Khloe strips down Kayla can't help but make a comment on how hot she is. The massage doesn't last long, Kayla can't keep her hands or mouth off of Khloe's tight teen body making her cum like never before. Who would guess that you get paid to be naughty at the KinkySpa?

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