Trans Grrrls

Released at: February 10, 2014 by TROUBLEfilms
Courtney Trouble brings the quality of gender queer porn up to another level in yet another film, "Trans Grrrls"! This queer porn epic is a smoking hot two and a half hours of cute hipster grrrl make outs, hot boy and girl costars, gender bending and blending, heavy petting, playful kink, strap-ons, sex toys, oral, anal, muffing, public sex, squirting, cumming, role play, laughter - and even a little bit of love. Borrowing the iconic language of the riot grrrls, Courtney Trouble is making a serious statement with this sex-positive punk rock porno: trans women belong, and should be forefront, in this here feminist porn movement. TROUBLEfilms hopes to add to the growing library of alternative trans porn available to the queer community, as well as show the mainstream world what can, and will, be done to improve the genre.

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