Trisha & Savana Visit The Sex Therapist

Released at: May 15, 2021 by Mature British Lesbians
I had previously visited Miss Mona The Sex Therapist and she certainly had brought me out of my shell and I was now enjoying a very varied and exciting sex life so I thought it only right that I brought my Good friend Savana along to meet her and experience her techniques and I was soon undressing Savana and Mona and I started fondling her breasts before removing her panties, Mona instructed Savana to ley on the bed and I stripped off down to my underwear we then tied Savana's hands and I started rubbing her pussy while Mona fondled her breasts and before I knew it I was licking and sucking her clit before fingering her now very wet pussy, we now tied Savana's legs and Mona introduced her to her vibrating wand, she rubbed it between her pussy lips and on her clit then handed me the wand to continue the treatment, I increased the power and Savana moaned with pleasure as she started towards an orgasm, Mona brought the white G-Spot into play and buried it effortlessly deep into Savana's wet pussy, Mona handed me the vibe and I continued working it on her pussy while Mona stimulated her clit with the wand and we soon brought her to a climax, after which we left but were we would be coming back. Trisha xxx

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