Trouble Maker

Released at: April 28, 2022 by MissaX
Mona Wales purrs to her husband on the phone, "You know darling, I do love to play with the boy who drops off our cleaning." Her husband, Lucien (Stirling Cooper), laughs sweetly at his beloved wife, "Oh, I know how you love young men, they turn you on don't they?" Mona and Lucien have a very unique marriage. He works a lot, and she loves to screw around, he loves to hear about her sexy romps with other guys. No, he's not a cuckold, it's different, he simply gets turned on by the idea that his wife can seduce any man she wants. Her phone call is interrupted by a swift knock at the door. She says goodbye to Lucien as she investigates. It's her neighbors, Brianne (Blu) and Chad (White). Brianne and Chad's relationship hasn't been all that smooth since their new neighbors, Mona and Lucien, moved in. It's customary in their rural culture to be friendly with neighbors. but she feels that Mona crosses the line with her husband. She wants Chad to set boundaries with the woman, to confront her, to tell her that the only woman he is interested in is his own beloved wife, Brianne. Chad rolls his eyes at his wife, the idea of it is "a little much." The conversation happened at the doorway, tense, awkward, and just as embarrassing as Chad expected it to be. He's decided to come back to Mona's home the next day with a peace offering, a box of chocolates he noticed she enjoyed at her last visit to their home. Mona invites him in. Mona senses a vulnerability in his marriage, and oh-- she has always admired Chad's muscular body, his large hands, the shape of his bulge that can't be hidden, not even in his conservative wool slacks. Chad's not going to be easy to seduce, he's a man of morality, a family man. Watch the story unfold as Mona seduces the handsome, married man..

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