TS Seduction - Featuring La Cherry Spice and Prince

Released at: December 1, 2012 by Kink Clips
Cherry is rock hard and ready from the first moment she lays eyes on Prince. He's a baby-faced blonde that is just begging to be dominated by this adventurous Mistress! Prince lays flat, spread wide on the bench. He is strapped down, exposed, vulnerable to device Cherry has in her little lab - and her twisted desires too. She takes a long metal rod and pokes him, tickles him, demands he stay silent even when the simple punishment is too much. Prince obeys as best he can, offering up his ass for fucking and his own hard cock. Cherry milks her man while he stands impaled on the one bar prison - a long dick deep in his ass, shackles holding him down. Prince shoots cum across the room and Cherry is pleased that he came so hard, but not that he came so fast! She fucks his ass again in appreciation - something that is more than pleasurable for Prince after a long, hot orgasm. Scene four features Cherry's raging, unsatisfied boner as Prince is bound and gagged in a fucking machine that pulls Prince nonstop for deep-throat action, back and forth on her cock. He has no choice but to endure the sweet punishment until Cherry splooges all over that gorgeous face!

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