Turning His Luck Around

Released at: April 13, 2021 by Fantasy Massage
In the massage room, Chanel Preston has Zac Wild lie on his stomach as she pours NURU gel on his back. She tells him that it looks like he has a particularly...tense muscle. She'll be happy to release that tension for him. Daisy Stone gives Alex Legend a NURU massage. As the sexual tension builds, Daisy asks Alex to flip over onto his back and notices that his cock is hard. She can't resist it anymore and slides it into her mouth as he gasps. The massage begins, with Jade Kush's body sliding on Mr. Pete. They freeze abruptly when they hear Mr. Pete's wife called for him. He hastily calls to her that he's just giving a student some...advice, so he needs privacy. His wife seems satisfied with the explanation. They resume their foreplay as Jade slides Mr. Pete's hard cock into her pussy.

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