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Released at: September 21, 2000 by OGV
For some of us, regular sex isn't enough. Ever get curious about discovering the best of BOTH worlds? Then check out these four flamin' hot, spicy scenes! Because the bitches in this video deliver double the lust: Big bouncy boobs plus thick, juicy cocks equal chicks with dicks! Beware: Shameless she-male raunch cums courtesy of the kind of back alley girl who sports a stiff bonus in her panties. This filthy, gender-bending fun is not for the faint-hearted, but is guaranteed to turn your crank if you're not afraid to experiment with the seamiest sides of sexuality. Dig in... if you dare!

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Scene1: 00:01:57 - 00:22:44 (20:47)

Scene2: 00:22:47 - 00:45:28 (22:41)

Scene3: 00:45:30 - 01:04:32 (19:02)

Scene4: 01:04:34 - 01:20:26 (15:52)