Twist of Anal, A

Released at: April 28, 2004 by Mayhem
Greetings, my backdoor loving friends! I'm back with an all out ass pounding, anal onslaught that you're sure to love. My girlfriends and I are hungry and begging for some stiff dick up our asses. Me and Ashley get down and dirty with Benjamin Bratt as he stuffs us full of cock and shoots his load all over our faces. Audrey Hollander gets a double dose of hard meat from Dick and Otto, they jackhammer her ass 'til it's raw. Alex Sanders whips out his massive love muscle and puts it to work on Julie Night. Her ass, mouth and pussy get stuffed to the breaking point and she drains him of every drop of hot sticky cum that he's got. Tony is an ass-wrecking love machine that knows no mercy when it comes to destroying Holly Hollywood's puckering bunghole. And finally, Steve Hatcher takes me for the anal ride of my life with his giant fuck stick shoved straight up my tailpipe...Yumm! Was it fun?...You bet your ass!

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