Two English Spanking Stories

Released at: January 26, 2008 by California Star Productions
In "Nikita the Seductress" a beautiful apartment complex tenant has a plan in mind to fix her ailing boiler. Noticing a repairman outside she pleads with him to come up and take a look. Would he dare say? When he tells her it would cost quite a bit to fix it she decides to give him sexual favors in return, which he heartily accepts. His boss returns and finds his worker in her apartment. Angry he send the worker off and tell her she will receive a spanking for being such a naughty girl! The boss is loving it and she is too enjoys her bottom being reddened. In the "Final Settlement" the Chuckle Brothers have decorated Nikita's neighbors' flat and are there to receive their money. She tells them that the bailiff has visited and taken all her furniture except the bed. And left her with only a pittance. They advise here that there is only one way out, and that includes a bare bottomed hand spanking across Dave's knee. They take her to the bedroom where she is spread across the bed for a canning. There is more to come, and she must realize that there will be another visit next week!

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