Two Girl Fun With A BBC

Released at: November 15, 2020 by Dirty Doctors Videos
My Good Friend Claire had been out Clubbing while I stayed home like a good Girl but I waited up for her and I was glad I did for when she came back she had brought a surprise back a very well endowed Blindfolded Black Guy and Claire was first to get her mouth around his BBC and suck hard on its thick shaft, we sat him down and Claire continued sucking his cock while he sucked my nipples, then it was my turn and I got on my knees and sucked hard on his erect member while he flicked his tongue over Claires nipples, but Greedy Girl Claire just had to be first to climb aboard and ride him but I was quick to follow suit and I was soon bouncing up and down on his cock while Claire sucked his Balls, I climbed off and we both shared his cock licking and sucking it until he was once again rock hard, Claire lay back and spread her legs and I bent over and Gorged myself on her pussy while I was fucked hard from behind, next I sucked on his cock while Claire slapped his arse and balls with her riding crop and once again he was ready and Claire bent over and he fucked her hard while I squeezed his balls until he shot his full load deep inside her then Claire laid back and I licked and sucked all the cum from her pussy before sharing it with her.

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