Two's Company

Released at: December 13, 2013 by Lesbea
What happens when one cannot get enough? Melisa finds out exactly this when she's finally granted her wish! "Can I go again?" said Melisa pretty much after her recent scene with Zuzana. Having loved their last session together, the girls were enthusiastic about meeting again and knew exactly what they wanted to experience in their second encounter. They wanted intimacy, long lingering kisses, to tease each other's clothes off, wrestling with the suspense. They wanted to spend longer exploring one another, Zuzana takes the opportunity to tease Melisa's feet as she removes her panties before going down to savor her sweet pussy, Melisa moaning and gripping at the bed covers as she writhes with pleasure. Zuzana feels like some fun herself so she straddles Melisa's face before sliding down to a 69 and when it comes to her orgasm she lets it grow naturally until she is truly satisfied.

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