Ulterior Motives

Released at: August 3, 2023 by My Pervy Family
Jade is excited to visit Miami and her aunt Jacqueline & step uncle Joey too! But not for the reasons you might think. No, Jade isn't interested in hitting the abundant bars & ample beaches available to her. Instead, she has her eye on something else. Her step uncle Joey! Jade's mom spilled the beans and told her about the troubles her Aunt Jacky & step Uncle Joey are having, giving her the perfect opportunity to weasel in on them. You see, Jade is obsessed with her step Uncle and wants to try his cock out! Jade 'accidentally' walks in on Joey in the bathroom when he's got some raging morning wood. She suggests helping him get rid of the boner, so he can have a proper piss. Joey is hesitant at first but can't resist his hot Asian step-niece any longer. She begins to stroke him right there in the bathroom. Joey bends his step-niece over the sink & splits her tiny pussy open with his thick cock. They move to the bedroom and Jade's little hole clings to her step-uncle's meat as she rides him like a good girl. He fucks this tight little teen to orgasm and then pulls out & nuts on her stomach. And Jade gets exactly what she wanted!

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