Ultimate Julia Miles

Released at: February 23, 2005 by Score
Julia Miles hit the SCORE Magazine universe like an asteroid when she was only 18 years old. She was voted by readers as the best new discovery of the year and continues on with her goal of dominating the big-boobed world. In this special edition DVD, the German super girl gets off alone, goes Lezzie with busty Brit Hannah Callow, and takes a fierce hammering by one of the U.K.'s top pistoleros. Julia Miles is the bra-buster who really puts the X in sex! Make that XXX! 22-year-old Julia Miles and her H-cup tits and tight, blonde-muffed pussy gets the hardest pounding she's ever got in her life. Julia Miles, SCORE's Model of the Year, broke her boy-girl XXX cherry in the video SCORE Xtra #5. But if you want to see her H-cup tits and tight, blonde-muffed pussy getting the hardest pounding she ever got in her life, you need to see this movie (Ultimate Julia Miles), The 22-year-old gets what she called the best fuck of her life. This 90-minute presentation contains solo, girl-girl and boy-girl views of Julia and is a must for all of her fans. The solo stuff comes first. Consider it 45 minutes of foreplay in which you have Julia all to yourself. She wakes up and goes through her morning routine, which, of course, includes tit play and masturbation. She takes a shower and soaps up her monster tits and pretty pussy. She goes to work and dildoizes herself while sitting at her desk. Among the highlights: Julia tit-fucking herself with a giant, skin-colored dildo. She almost loses the damn thing in her cleavage. Julia pouring liquid soap onto her tits and rubbing it in. Julia squeezing her tits into a red bra that can hardly contain her. The girl-girl comes next. Julia and English girl Hannah Callow honor each other's tits and pussies with licking, sucking, fingering and dildo play, and you won't believe how much breast meat fills your screen. Some highlights: Hannah laying on top of Julia and rubbing her tits against Julia's. Hannah, on all fours, sucking Julia's pussy while Julia gives some finger action to her bosom buddy's twat. But the main event is the boy-girl. It's a great scene that opens with Julia's boss calling her into his office to reprimand her for the way she's been dressing. Julia takes off her sweater, treating us to eye-popping views of her bottom cleavage, and tries on a new one. It's tiny, and her cleavage busts out of it. Julia getting down on her knees, fishing his giant schlong out of his pants and wrapping her mouth around his dick. She sucks and slurps hungrily, and we feel like we're laying on the floor and looking up as Julia wraps her tits around his cock and sucks some more and licks his balls. She really has to stretch around his hose, and we can see that she relishes the pleasure of a real cock for the first time in her life. Julia's cunt takes a real pounding, and we can tell by her squeals and moans that she's enjoying every stroke, even if her hole will never be the same after this.Doggy-style, cowgirl and reverse-cowgirl fucking follows, and we get lots of gyno views of the boss's cock going in and out, in and out. More squealing, more moaning. Julia looks like she's in another world, He gets Julia down on the floor and pounds her some more in the doggy-style and missionary positions. We hear his balls slapping against her ass as he destroys her pussy. Our hero then gives her a good tit-fucking, but he's not done yet. He gets her on the table again and fucks her in the missionary position. The guy has to shoot his man-lava, and despite Julia imploring him to "cum on my tits," he dumps his greasy load all over her stomach. She's just had the greatest fuck of her life.

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