Ultimate Nylon Vol. 17

Released at: March 16, 2009 by Bob's Videos
If you love to see a sexy and curvaceous pair of legs encased in a silky pair of nylons - then look no further! These ladies of lingerie are about to sock it to you like never before! Dark and mysterious Laura Lee just loves to show off her gorgeous body, and especially her curvy legs in stockings. Fresh from the tub she makes a ceremony out of the simple act of dressing in sexy lingerie so she can lounge around and eventually satisfy her lusty urges. Firm flesh, supple skin and silky textures delight her every touch and manifest in wave after wave of pleasure. Sassy Elena Rivera actually gets herself off twice, the first time in pearls and nylons that frame her feminine charms to perfection. Later after a long and relaxing leg show on her bed, she plays some more, this time bringing out the vibra king and getting down to some serious orgasmic business. Finally Jewell is the perfect show off...stealing the spotlight and talking about how much she loves her nylons. She even shares a few naughty secrets you'll enjoy hearing and the sex chat never slow down.

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