Ultimate Nylon Vol. 18

Released at: March 26, 2009 by Bob's Videos
There's just something sexy about Cassia Riley. Could it be her looks, her voice, her personality, or her all about vibe of sensuality? Bob laid out this collection of retro lingerie for her, with some heels, a slip and old fashioned nylons. Cassia is frantic as she talks a whole lot of shit about the nasty old stuff and how unflattering it all is. Of course she still looks HOT...she just doesn't think so!!!! So after a lot of funny playing around, Bob challenges her to put on something that SHE feels sexy in......and yum, yum, yum....the scene just gets hotter and hotter from there on! Long and lanky Tiffany Brooks shows off the lingerie mailed to her in a package from Bob. Spectacular peeks at her cozy little places add to the fun as she dresses and pushes every perky button on her perfect body, with all shades of pink and tan flesh visible. Special guest Jamie Lynn relaxes outdoors on a hammock, all legs and up the skirt peeks, eventually retiring to her bedroom to finish things off. As usual she just gushes her enthusiasm from her smile on downward, all sloppy wet and satisfied.

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