Ultimate Nylon Vol. 23: Spending The Evening With Sabrina

Released at: May 22, 2012 by Bob's Videos
Sleek and sophisticated Sabrina Rose is making her evening as sensuous as possible. She starts with a hot, sudsy bath and then applies her makeup. She covers her warm pink body in lingerie, including a sheer pair of cinnamon colored nylons. She stretches and plays with her tingling body until the inevitable release calms and satisfies her urges. Lola Banks has a deep, dark erotic appeal clothed in a pretty summer frock. She reads her mail and de-stresses herself. Naturally her clothes melt away, revealing her curves and sexy bumps. She shamelessly flirts with her mysterious and promising eyes! Lola stimulates her juicy mound until she literally gushes her orgasm...this scene is WET and HOT! Joelean is a horse girl. She loves to ride and take care of her pony at this stable. All that bumping up and down gets this blonde tomboy type in the mood once she's home. Wearing a blue bra and panty set and some sparkling and shiny nylons, she gets down to some serious business with her favorite glass and, that quickly gets buried in the juiciest of places.

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Lola Banks

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