Released at: May 14, 2015 by VCA
Running a magazine can be a challenging business. Even more challenging than running the business itself is making sure that the correct people are utilized in the right position, especially the right-hand man. Jonathan Hard, publisher of Ultrasex magazine, is looking for a new Vice-President for his world-renowned publication. He decides to stage a unique contest ? a carnal costume ball ? where the most aggressive sexual guest will walk away with $100,000 a year job! This sets the stage for the kind of non-stop, kinetic action that erotic auteur Gerard Damiano has become famous for. Join the party and discover some of the wildest fantasy scenes ever conceived. There's Dr. Dick and Nurse Nancy, the innocent bride Betsy and her two construction studs, the Pop Sisters (Lolly and Tootsie), and oh so much more! The final encounter brings together 14 (count 'em) of the hottest XXX performers in one mind-boggling scene, as Ultrasex truly lives up to its name!

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