University Co-eds 16

Released at: January 1, 2000 by Dane Productions
Welcome to another edition of University Co-eds. In one of our steamiest issues yet, we have a fist full of young pussy for you avid pornhounds to check out. In Photography 101, the sultry Selena Del Ray relives a photography project with a fellow student. The visual images they create are a feast for the eyes. Our covergirl, Charmane, fulfills her hottest fantasy with Roy L. Shaft. Justice tells us of her experience as a runaway. She remembers getting picked up and having a few drinks, only to pass out and wake up groggy in a medieval dungeon. Sonja Red tells of her very private situation with her stepbrother. She was always mixed up about her feelings for him, one evening, she couldn't hold back her pent up desires. As usual we worked our butts off in pre-production, production and post to ensure you the best quality show that your hard earned dollars can buy. A most sincere thank you as always.

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Sonja Red

Scene3: 00:48:39 - 01:06:16 (17:37)

Scene4: 01:06:19 - 01:25:15 (18:56)