University Co-eds 23

Released at: January 1, 2000 by Dane Productions
To another blazing hot issue of University Co-eds... We have a lineup of fresh pussy that will make your peckers harder than titanium steel... Fresh college pee-hole. There isn't anything sweeter. Our opening scene begins with a co-ed with a fetish for cock... any cock. April tells of her experience with a bum who will work for food. Lucky bastard!!! I wonder how he likes for burgers? Scene two tells about a young co-ed who is for the first time out on her own. Samantha Rivers meets a kindly landlord who offers to take his rent in a payment that is not cash... You know fresh college pussy should have its own trading value. One fuck equals one hundred dollars, or two hundred, depending on the age and quality. Our third scene has the hot new comer Piper McCormick who has a step-dad who can't keep his hands off the goodies. The final scene has Samantha playing the bride who cheats on her fiance. His best buddy decides to tell her about all of her fiance's bad qualities, including cheating... With friends like him who the hell needs enemies? Great production values, excellent stories, hot and nasty young co-eds... what more can you ask for? What the hell else is there?

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Scene2: 00:24:46 - 00:44:15 (19:29)

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