Up and Cummers 3

Released at: May 30, 2000 by Randy West Productions
The DVD format is new, but let me tell you, the material on this disc is timeless! Now's your chance to see the Up & Cummers series when I was just starting it, all digitally remastered for DVD! Vixen normally doesn't do anal in front of the camera, but she gets so hot, she just loses it completely and can't help herself! Maybe it was all that masturbating she did at the beginning of the scene... Have you ever seen Krista go at it? Oh man, is she a screamer or what? She cannot get enough of Marc Davis' huge cock! She rides him for all he's worth, screaming and cumming the whole time, and even cums so hard she squirts all over him! Now you know how it feels, Marc! Speaking of cumshots, you remember Roxanne from Up & Cummers #1 DVD, well, she's never taken a cumshot in the face before...but she's willing to learn! Hot, exotic Lana Sands is happy to teach her how, and believe me, I'm not complaining, because it turned into a hot three-way for me! ~~Randy West~~

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