Up and Cummers 66

Released at: March 21, 2000 by Randy West Productions
2001 AVN Award Winner for "Best Pro-Am Or Amateur Series" Venus and Raquel are back to finish what they started with me and man, is it smoking hot! I could barely keep track of all the cumshots I gave these two sex kittens! Inari Vachs is a blonde goddess! She's always wanted Lexington Steele and his huge cock. Not only does she get it in the pussy, he bends her over and gives it to her in the ass too! She loves it! Great oral cumshot! Claudia Rodriguez is a very hot Mexican Woman who wants my cock really bad! She got two cumshots out of me - one in her pussy and one in her mouth! What a fox! I know what you're thinking: Miajah can't be a pornstar, she looks like a mainstream model. You're right, she was a fashion model, but she decided she's rather do what she does best: have great sex! You'll be glad! I sure am - she let me give her an internal cumshot! Yes! You will definitely see more of her! I read tons of letters from all you foot fetish fans out there, so here's Mariah - she's never done it this way, but she likes it! 2001 AVN Award Nominee for "Best Pro-Am or Amateur Series"

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