Up and Cummers 81

Released at: April 30, 2001 by Randy West Productions
Stunning beauty Taylor St. Clair, who made her video debut in ~~Up and Cummers 19~~, comes back to do her __first__ on-camera anal scene and it is __red hot__! The beautiful Marika, one of the Twins from ~~Up and Cummers 49~~ & ~~50~~, did return before going home to Europe, and we are real glad she did! And this time she wanted me to cum in her __mouth__! Exotic little Thai girl Sunshine is hot as high noon in July. Very horny, orgasmic girl. I forgot I fooled a round a little with 18 year old beach beauty Monti from ~~Up and Cummers 42~~. Check out other volumes of ~~Up and Cummers~~.

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