Up In A Puff

Released at: August 5, 2011 by Ed Powers Productions
For the Fetish crowd! For the Smokers! For the folks who don't smoke and are curious why people smoke, why they enjoy smoking. And it's all combined with hardcore sex! ~~Up In A Puff~~ is a "movie". Nikita DeVita is a fetish photographer who enters the realm of smoking and sex. With an ensemble cast of smokers like Cherry Rain, Heather Oaks, Rose Lynn, Ami Lee, Jayne Diamond, Shelby Belle and Terri Belle. There's plenty of sexy smoke to get in your eyes; this smoke won't sting. It's all about fantasy and not to advocate smoking. Looking for a bit of different adult entertainment? Well here it is! Whether you smoke or not. ~~Up In A Puff~~ is worth a look-see... Enjoy! Love Ed Powers (P.S Do not smoke in bed!)

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