Van Damage's European Meat Market #2 - Royal Rump Roast

Released at: September 22, 1997 by Elegant Angel
It seems that my little adventure across the pond has left me with more footage than I bargained for! There's no way I could fit my English sexcapades into one two-hour movie. Part two of this European fuck-fest highlights Tom Byron screwing a fair-haired European beauty and a sultry-skinned exotic beauty in her ass. My buddy Sean Michaels took on an unknown little English lass and penetrated all of her blonde orifices. While Sean was cleaning this girl's pipes, innocent little Nessie slipped into the scene and offered herself as a human tongue rag. There's a D.P. with the Manchester tart, Amanda, and the blonde and petite Cody Fairchild allows her tiny rectum to be stretched. Her face is then heavily frosted by thick American man-juice. What a souvenir she would be to bring home! Finally I landed a pair of nasty girls from Northern U.K., and they prove to be real man-eaters!

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