Very Personal Assistants

Released at: November 6, 2003 by Bob's Videos
Jana Cova and Crissy Moran are eager to learn from their mistresses, Angela and Natasha. With intimacy a major requirement, both find being a personal assistant can be a rewarding experience. Jana Cova wants to show off her new scarf to Angela, who is relaxing on her bed. Soon, they are caught up in the soft romantic moment, losing themselves to a world of lotions, gentle music and sensitive touch. Sexy and cute Jana is a most personal butterfly, caught in the steamy and intense web created by Angela. Crissy Moran brings a fresh new face to her final interview, and hungry Natasha sizes up the yummy possibilities very quickly. On Crissy's first day on the job, Natasha orchestrates a nylon intensive discussion and rubdown, and steadily seduces her shy and demure new assistant. Crissy eventually melts under the inevitable efforts by Natasha to get close and learns firsthand how very personal some assistants need to be. Learn first hand how very personal some assistants need to be.

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