Violette Blakk Ass Fucked Co-Worker

Released at: June 26, 2023 by GA Photo
~~Violette Blakk Ass Fucked Co-Worker~~! Violette is a newer employee on a business trip with several colleagues. She is hanging out in the hotel room while Derek goes to a meeting. She is bored and wandering around the hotel room when she finds a dildo in Derek's things. She checks it out and decides she is going to entertain herself while waiting for her co-worker to return. She starts sucking and fucking herself with it in every hole when, unexpectedly, Derek returns and catches her. She knows she is caught and decides to put on a show instead of stopping and showing Derek what a horny slut she is. Derek decides to join in to stuff all of her holes with the dildo and his dick. Lots of wet blowjobs, dildo fucking, anal, ass to pussy and ass to mouth, and a great facial with cum in this slut's mouth Violette will do well advancing up the corporate ladder!

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