Virgin Stories Vol. 17

Released at: January 1, 2000 by Dane Productions
Welcome, to another blazing issue of Virgin Stories. We have some hot new pee-hole, that will leave your cock aching for more. Our first scene has the hot, new, fresh girl Drew busting Brandon Iron's balls over a naughty b-day present that he gave her and expects her to wear and use... A naughty nightie and a dildo!!! Our next scene has a video store clerk working another Friday night, when he sees a hot new chunk of ass walking in... What would he do if he could... Her ass would be sore for weeks, if only fantasies could come true for this poor schmoe. The third scene is a steamer, with the British newcummer teener, Majella. You'll love her ass and her barely legal titties. Our final scene has the lovely Bree Brooks spending the night with her girlfriend when their noisemaking cause her friend's father to split them up. Was that his reason or was there something else up his sleeve? All in all another ass busting effort to try to give you perverts the best young girl vignettes in the world. Hope you enjoy the naughtiness!

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