Volume KP 57 - Cum Covered Rene

Released at: March 1, 2008 by Kandi Peach Productions
Rene meets a new guy and takes him for a test run. He ate her pussy and fucked her face and that is just the start. The next scene begins with Rene sucking cock. Soon one of the guys gives Rene her famous squirting orgasm. Then they start pounding their cocks into her. It isn't long before Rene is begging for her double penetration. She thanks the guys by letting both of them cum on her face and mouth!

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Scene1: 00:00:46 - 00:19:03 (18:17)



Scene2: 00:19:03 - 00:37:42 (18:39)

Scene3: 00:37:42 - 00:56:12 (18:30)

Scene4: 00:56:12 - 01:14:32 (18:20)